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Trust and security

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 580343) and the HMRC (12641987). All client funds are held in segregated bank accounts at leading banks.


We clearly display the mid-market rates and the fees we charge. There is absolutely no hidden commission or fee. In other words, we are fair.

Savings in 25+ currencies

78% of our clients are saving more than 80% compared to their banks or brokers . For every Million USD they trade, they save more than USD 15.000.

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Some of our +400 clients

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John - CEO
Sector: Tourism
Revenue: 1 Billion Euros
"I didn't have any problems convincing my partners about how interesting the solution is"
Mike - Treasurer
Sector: Distribution
Revenue: 80 Million Euros
"The system is reliable and efficient and lets us save time and money"
Natalie - Financial Director
Sector: Equipments
Revenue: 45 Million Euros
"We have been using kantox for 8 months. We saved big money and got real transparency on each transaction and the support team is really smart"


"Many SMEs fail to grasp foreign exchange risk"
"Sidestepping banks, companies trade FX with each other"
"Cutting through the FX thicket"