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Our vision

At Kantox we believe that the finance industry, too long known for its opacity, greed and lack of innovation, needs a dramatic, pervasive overhaul for the better. We believe that it is time to change the finance industry to instill the virtues of transparency, efficiency and fairness. This is what drives us at Kantox. We are convinced that such change is not just inevitable, but that it will have a profoundly positive effect on the global finance industry and society as a whole. Our goal is to instigate such change through leading the fintech sub-sector (financial technology) in innovative solutions, ultimately driving change in the wider finance industry.

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What is Kantox?

Kantox is a pioneering firm in the foreign exchange (FX) industry, bringing light and fresh air to an obscure, static market. Expertise and passion result in an efficient and transparent solution to serve real economy clients.
Kantox’s online marketplace allows clients to convert foreign currencies and make international payments in a transparent, cost-efficient way. In contrast to banks and brokers, Kantox gives clients access to live mid-market rates, ensuring the exchange rate is never manipulated, and always displays the fair commission fee charged before each transaction so clients know exactly what they are paying. Furthermore, the platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and allows for multi-user, multi-company accounts.
We have more than 500 corporate clients. In 2013 we handled transactions totaling over $250 million and we are on course to reach our 2014 target of handling $1 billion in transactions. We have been recognised for our innovation through winning a string of awards, including the Financial Congress Corporate award and the OMExpo Investor Day award.

Management Team

Our management team includes professionals with a long experience in firms like Deloitte, BNP, FXAll, ABN Amro, Nomura, Intel or HP.

Philippe Gelis
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Philippe began his career working for Renault Suisse as a financial controller. He then gained invaluable experience in the banking industry as a consultant. Before foundKantox he was strategy & management consultant at Deloitte. He is specialised in corporate finance and business strategy. Philippe has a masters in business strategy and an MBAcorporate finance, both from Toulouse Business School.

Antoni Rami
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Antonio (Toni) Rami began his career working for Inveready Technology Group analysing investment opportunities in the Biotech sector. Before founding Kantox he was Strategy & Operations Consultant at Deloitte, working with different companies and in various sectors. He is specialised in corporate finance and was educated at ESADE, Barcelona, and at Singapore Management University where he completed his bachelors and masters degrees.

John Carbajal
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

John Carbajal is chief technology officer of Kantox. John began his career working for Digital Vision, Inc before moving on to Intel's Internet R&D labs and later to R&DHewlett Packard. Before founding Kantox he was CEO at Fotocodex, SL for 5 years. He is specialised in data security, high availability services, web platforms and is driven by challenges presented by the unknown. He graduated with a B.A. in Physics from Reed College and a masters in business administration from the University of Chicago.

Marek Fodor
Chairman of the Board

Marek began his career working in consulting and banking before moving on to internet-related projects. Before joining Kantox he co-founded and was CTO at Atrapalo, largest independent online travel agency in Spain. He is an active business angel investor and mentor for technology startups. He is specialised in marketing and growth strategiHe has a dual university education background in both computer science and in economics.

Laurent Descout
Chief Financial Officer

Before joining Kantox, Laurent was partner at Vocation Finance for 9 years. He is specialized in finance and economics. He has a masters degree in finance and economiobtained at Brandeis University. Additionally he has a masters degree in banking, finance and insurance from University Paris Dauphine.


Our investors include leading venture capital firms like Cabiedes Partners, financial industry professionals coming from firms like HSBC, BNP or Deloitte and successful Web entrepreneurs coming from Atrapalo.com, Toprural.com or FXstreet.com.

Partech Ventures

Partech Ventures is an investor specialised in high growth potential internet and information technology companies. The Partech Ventures team benefits from a long-standing track record in the American and European Venture capital markets. The team has extensive experience in international development of companies.
Partech Ventures is a past winner of the "Les Echos" Best Venture Capital team award thanks to the multiple sales of portfolio companies to industry leaders.  This investment strategy has been successfully applied for over 30 years and a large number of portfolio companies have successfully executed their IPO or have been acquired by strategic players, including:  Akimbi Systems (VMW), Alvarion (ALVR), Apsylog (PRGN), Ascend Communications (ASND), Brands4Friends (EBAY), among many others. Visit their website at: Partechventures.com

“Kantox is one of the most remarkable actors within the trend of tech companies dedicated to financial services. Many companies will be able to reduce the cost of their FX transactions and to make them easier thanks to Kantox’s solution. We are very happy to support this amazing team in the development of their offer and are convinced of their ability to become a major player in the foreign exchange market” – Philippe Collombel, Managing Partner of Partech Ventures.

Idinvest Partners

Idinvest Partners is a leading pan-European private equity management firm. With over €4 billion under management with success stories including Criteo (recently listed on the Nasdaq – CRTO), Meetic and Dailymotion. Idinvest Partners has developed several complementary areas of expertise including venture capital investments in innovative European start-ups; primary, secondary and mezzanine investments in European non-listed companies, and private equity consulting. Founded under the name AGF Private Equity in 1997, Idinvest Partners was formerly part of the Allianz Group until 2010 when it joined forces with IDI Group to become independent. Visit their website at: Idinvest.com

“With offices based in London and Barcelona, Idinvest is delighted to partner up with the proud Pan-European company - Kantox. We believe that the breakthrough concept introduced by Kantox is highly innovative in a sector rarely challenged by innovation.  Kantox’s drive and talent perfectly align with Idinvest’s digital investment strategy” – Benoist Grossmann, Managing Partner at Idinvest.

Cabiedes & Partners

Cabiedes & Partners is a “super-angel fund” specialised in early stage internet and technology ventures in Spain, founded and managed by two brothers: José Martín Cabiedes and Luis Martín Cabiedes.
Cabiedes & Partners have invested in more than 50 internet start-ups, including Myalert, Privalia, Olé, BlaBlaCar, Offerum and Kantox.

"We have followed Kantox since their very first days in operation, even before they incorporated as a company. It has been a pleasure to see them grow and evolve to become one of the most promising and exciting fintech companies in Europe. FX will never be the same after Kantox, and it is a pleasure for us to be part of this story as investors" – Luis Cabiedes, Managing Partner of Cabiedes.

European Board of Advisors

Kantox's European Board of Advisors combines expertise from all its members to help us maintain our position as a key disruptor of the antiquated FX industry. Meeting on a bi-annual basis, the board members consider upcoming industry changes to ensure that Kantox stays ahead of the curve of FX trends and continues to offer its customers a groundbreaking service. the founder of global management consultancy NFS Group, Magnus Lind now acts as adviser, board member and investor in transformational financial services companies through international network Treasury Peer. He is joined on the advisory board by François Masquelier head of Corporate Finance, Treasury and Risk at RTL Group and vice chairman of Euro Associations of Corporate Treasurers. Claire Bridel brings 20 years’ experience across leading operational roles in financial corporations to the board, including Natixis CIB, Newedge and Fimat.

François Masquelier: Senior Vice President of Treasury of Corporate Finance and Risk at RTL Group and founder of Euro Associations of Corporate Treasurers

“I am pleased to have been appointed as an advisory board member for Kantox. Given the waves of regulation and the inflation of new restricting provisions, banks have to revisit their strategies and potentially reduce their range of products and customers. FX products are commodities and should therefore be exchanged freely via P2P platforms. Players in the real economy need to find alternative and simple means of exchanging foreign currencies and hedging FX exposure. As such there is a great and emerging market for challenger companies such as Kantox”

Claire Bridel: Former COO EMEA for leading French Corporate and Investment Bank, Natixis CIB, and Former Head of credit and risks at Fimat

“Kantox’s goal is to create a transparent and fair market place for FX transactions, bringing unprecedented value to its clients. I am very excited at the prospect of helping this young, professional and passionate team to grow their business”

Magnus Lind: Founder and Chairman at Treasury Peer

“As Europe continues to struggle with poor growth and limited job opportunities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are proving their worth, accounting for 80% of jobs in the private sector. However, new financial regulations have been designed to make it harder and more expensive for SMEs to fund, trade FX and hedge. We therefore need disruptive, innovative, courageous companies and entrepreneurs like Kantox, Philippe and his team. I’m honoured to have been invited as an advisor for Kantox. Kantox will drastically transform the financial services space and lead the way for other companies and entrepreneurs to radically rethink the industry. This is exactly what the European economy urgently requires”

Kantox: Behind the Name

Our name takes inspiration from the surname of Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philip Cantor, best known as the creator of the transfinite set theory, a theory of the mathematical infinite that revolutionised mathematics towards the end of the nineteenth century. While looking for a company name, we wanted to allude to the almost infinite-like nature of the FX market. This led us to take Georg Cantor’s surname as the basis of our name, add an X to represent FX, and replace the C with a K to make it stronger.