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Why choose Kantox?

Cutting-edge Platform

Our platform offers you a comprehensive FX solution, including live mid-market exchange rates updated in real-time, customised FX rate alerts, a fully automated transaction information dashboard, multi-user and multi-subsidiary control panel, and on-demand FX reports.

Transparent Trading

We only charge a flat fee of 0.29%, which we detail before each currency trade, as well as the exchange rate. There are absolutely no additional or hidden fees.

Trust & Security

Kantox is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN: 580343, as a Payment Institution under the Payment Services Regulation 2009. All client funds are held in secure segregated client accounts with our UK banks. We are a full member of SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging.

What is Kantox?

Transparency counts

Kantox offers SMEs and mid-cap companies a solution that has historically only been available to the largest of organisations. Through our pioneering platform, we offer you the live mid-market rate, updated in real-time, allowing you to execute transactions with no hidden spread and 100% transparency guaranteed.

Client Reviews

"Kantox’s business proposition is simple and brilliant: offer SME's a platform displaying mid-market rates that the treasurer can close in just a few clicks."
Marc Corporate Treasury Manager FICOSA
"We’ve completed a number of FX trades with Kantox – the process was much smoother than any previously undertaken and the level of customer support was superb."
Steven Chief Financial Officer SIFT
"Kantox is our main FX management tool. I love the simplicity of the platform, their transparent fees and their efficient team."
Ignacio Global Treasurer HMY GROUP

Total FX Management

The Kantox platform enables you to access all information on your FX transactions in one place, including savings reports, aggregated data and statistics. You have unlimited access to Kantox’s currency tools, including FX alerts, the live mid-market rates table and the currency converter calculator.

“A study by the ACCA and Kantox found that finance officers in SMEs do not usually understand or sufficiently hedge their foreign exchange risk."

"A marketplace where companies can spread out their risks by doing business with each other."

"Until recently, SMEs have had little choice in terms of where to go, other than to the banks, but now it seems a different FX model is emerging in the FinTech sector, led by some innovative start-ups looking to give the banks a run for their money. One of them is Kantox."

Tomorrow’s FX Today

More than $10 million in client savings.

We operate in over 50 countries and offer more than 35 currencies.

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